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How preventative dentistry can ensure a healthy smile for life!

If you are looking to find a dentist and hygienist in the Livermore, California community who can help you achieve and maintain oral health and wellness, look no further than Dr. Kimberly King of Kitty Hawk Dental Care. Her practice ensures that those who visit will have a happy, healthy smile for life! With regular teeth cleanings, dental x-rays, and dental education, we can help you identify hidden issues that may have yet to present themselves and get you the treatment you need to keep the problem from worsening. That is the primary benefit of preventative dentistry, allowing patients to avoid issues such as decay and disease that can wreak havoc on the smile’s health, appearance, and function.

Tips on keeping your smile bright and healthy

  • Routine dental care can save you significant time and money by preventing complications or catching problems in their earliest stages.
  • Our Kitty Hawk Dental Care team uses the latest technology and tools to provide the best dental care for your Livermore, California, family.
  • Dr. Kimberly King and her team serve patients of all ages, from toddlers to great-grandparents.
  • Visiting a dentist every six months is a great way to monitor for issues and catch them early enough for successful treatment or reversal when possible.
  • Most major insurance plans provide full coverage for preventative care appointments, including hygiene, teeth cleaning, dental education, and a complete dental examination.
  • We offer an In House Plan if you are not insured by an employer.

Kitty Hawk Dental Care offers a wide range of preventative dentistry services, including dental x-rays, prophylaxis, periodontal care, oral cancer screenings, dental sealants, and fluoride applications. We believe that the best dental treatments will assist patients in avoiding oral issues altogether. It is our primary goal to ensure every time you leave our practice, you have a healthier smile than when you came in!

Schedule an appointment at Kitty Hawk Dental Care today

We welcome new and returning patients and families into our state-of-the-art dental facility to learn more about dental exams and cleanings. If you are considering preventative dentistry with a caring and experienced team, call for Dr. Kimberly King and her team at (925) 371-8880 to request an appointment at our practice, conveniently located at 53 Wright Brothers Avenue, Suite C. You may also schedule your appointment on our website, top right button.