Dental Bone Grafts In Livermore

Livermore Bone Grafts

Dental implants are the best way to permanently restore missing teeth. But if you don’t get an implant right away after tooth loss, your jaw may weaken, and it may not be possible to get an implant. Bone grafting replaces your lost bone, and allows you to get implants even after bone loss. Contact us now to schedule a consultation with Dr. King in Livermore, and see if bone grafts from Kitty Hawk Dental Care are right for you.

Bone grafts for dental implants

Prepare for Dental Implants

Bone grafts help restore and rebuild your jaw bone, strengthening it and preparing it for a dental implant

The bone graft process is fast, minimally-invasive, and has a relatively short recovery and healing time

Dr. King uses the latest advanced dental tools and technology to plan bone graft procedures for better results

Together, bone grafts and dental implants help preserve your jaw bone, appearance, and oral health by preventing future jaw bone loss

What Are Bone Grafts?

Bone grafts are a type of dental procedure used to restore your jaw bone before dental implants. After tooth loss, the jaw bone tends to become weak in a process called “bone resorption.”

This happens because the natural tooth is no longer stimulating the bone, so it begins to deteriorate. Eventually, the bone may be so weak that you can no longer get a dental implant, since implants require healthy, strong bone tissue.

In a bone graft, Dr. King opens up the gums and makes an opening into the jaw bone, and then places bone particles into the area. Then, the area is closed up and sealed. Over time, natural bone will heal around the bone particles, strengthening your jaw bone and preparing it for a dental implant.

Do I Need A Bone Graft?

You may need a bone graft if you’ve lost one or more teeth, and you have not had them replaced with dental implants after 1-2 years. It’s been estimated that you lose about 25% of your jaw bone mass within the first year after tooth loss.

Bone grafts may also be necessary if you are getting dental implants after suffering from extensive gum disease. Gum disease can damage the bone, so bone grafts may be needed to rebuild it before dental implant placement. To learn more and see if you need bone grafts before a dental implant, contact Dr. King for a consultation at Kitty Hawk Dental Care in Livermore.

The Dental Bone Grafting Process

The process is quite simple to understand. First, Dr. King will clean and numb your mouth. Then, once your mouth is numb, she will create an opening in the socket where your missing tooth used to be, and she will place human, animal, or artificial bone granules into the socket.

After this, the area is cleaned and sutured, and then you’ll be sent home with antibiotics to prevent infection. Over time, natural bone material will begin to form and grow over the granules, restoring the strength, density, and thickness of your jaw bone.

It only takes 1-2 weeks to heal from your initial surgery, but it may take up to 3-6 months or longer for your new bone tissue to grow. You will come back to our office for regular follow-ups so that Dr. King can check on your recovery progress.

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