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Obtain cosmetic dental bonding to repair imperfections of the smile

Dental bonding, sometimes referred to as tooth bonding, uses a composite resin material to improve the smile in an affordable and minimally invasive manner. With dental bonding, Dr. Kimberly King of Kitty Hawk Dental Care in Livermore, California, can cover up minor imperfections of the smile, including gaps between the teeth, unusually shaped teeth, and chips and cracks.

What is composite tooth bonding?

Composite tooth bonding is a cosmetic procedure provided by our team in which a tooth-colored composite mix is used to restore the appearance of a chipped, cracked, or discolored tooth. The material is applied to the natural tooth’s surface and cured using a special light. Once the composite has hardened, it can be shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth.

How is cosmetic bonding used?

Composite bonding can be ideal for people who want to improve their smile without undergoing more invasive procedures such as veneers or crowns. Bonding can also be used to repair small cavities. However, because it is not as strong as other dental materials, it is not recommended for people with large cavities or extensive damage to their teeth.

What are the benefits of composite tooth bonding?

Composite tooth bonding offers several benefits, including:

  • It can be used to improve the appearance of your smile.
  • It is less expensive than other cosmetic dental procedures.
  • It can be completed in one office visit.
  • It does not require as much removal of tooth structure as other procedures.
  • It will last several years with proper care.
  • It can be easily replaced if staining or discoloration of the material occurs over time.
  • It can help you achieve the picture-perfect smile that you’ve always wanted!

Do you need bonding for a chipped or cracked tooth?

Composite tooth bonding is an excellent way for patients to make cosmetic improvements to the smile without having to experience long-lasting treatments or deal with expensive restorations. If you live in Livermore, CA, and want to work with Dr. Kimberly King of Kitty Hawk Dental Care to improve your smile, call the office at (925) 371-8880 to request an appointment at 53 Wright Brothers Avenue, Suite C.