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Overcome Your Cavities with Tooth-colored Composite Fillings

Cavities aren’t uncommon, even for people who observe diligent oral care. Luckily, dental cavities are easily treatable, especially when detected early. Dr. Kimberly King of Kitty Hawk Dental Care uses composite resin fillings to help Livermore, California, patients to overcome tooth cavities. We prefer composite restorations because of their unparalleled ability to mimic the appearance of your natural enamel, and because the filling bonds to the tooth, less natural tooth structure has to be removed. Composite fillings deliver esthetically appealing results, regardless of where they are placed in your mouth.

The procedure of filling your cavity with composite resin

Cavity treatment is one of the most straightforward procedures in dentistry. It’s painless and fast, so quick it will be over before you know it. The procedure starts by examining your teeth using visual examinations and dental X-rays. This helps us identify the extent and location of your cavity to plan your treatment.

The next step is numbing your gums to eliminate discomfort during treatment. We know you fear needles, so we use a numbing gel. As your gums become numb.  We isolate the tooth to keep it dry throughout preparing and placing the filling.

The next step is to remove the decayed portion of your tooth using a hand-held drill. It may be noisy and cause vibrations, but don’t fret — the procedure doesn’t inflict any pain. To satisfy your cavity curiosity, your dentist may use a chairside screen to show you what’s happening.

After cleaning and sanitizing your tooth, it’s time to do some filling! We fill up your prepped tooth using composite resin. We apply this material in layers, bit by bit, while molding it to match your tooth’s shape. We then use a curing light to harden the material.

The final step is to test your bite. We reshape your filling to ensure your filling nestles snugly with the grooves of the opposite teeth. We make the necessary adjustments until your bite feels natural. Now you are free to enjoy your new cavity-free smile.

Benefits of composite filling

We love white cavity fillings for many reasons. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings resemble your tooth enamel. No chance of silver-colored metal sticking out when you smile.

Other reasons we prefer tooth-colored fillings include the following:

  • The procedure is minimally invasive
  • Composite fillings are safe — they don’t change in size as temperatures change
  • Composite resin is versatile in treating multiple dental problems, including stains, decay, cavities, and chips
  • White fillings are durable
  • Composite resin can treat teeth anywhere in your mouth

It’s time to say goodbye to cavities with beautiful-looking composite fillings. Ready for a cavity-free smile in Livermore, California?

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