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Recommendations for good oral hygiene habits for a healthier smile

Dr. Kimberly King of Kitty Hawk Dental Care in Livermore, California, is a dentist who wants to help patients keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. To do this, she encourages patients to maintain good oral hygiene habits. Dental hygiene between dental visits is part of preventative dentistry, which reduces a patient’s risk of damage, decay, and disease.

How to keep the smile healthy

Maintaining a healthy smile is more than just flossing and brushing your teeth. Routine dental appointments for a hygiene cleaning and complete evaluation are also key to a smile that lasts a lifetime. Dr. Kimberly King encourages patients to visit at least every six months to monitor for the early signs of periodontal disease and tooth decay. Patients may also reach out to her practice to learn more about implants or invisalign to improve the smile’s appearance. That can build confidence and self-esteem for many of our patients.

Why choose Kitty Hawk Dental Care?

Many patients consider the benefits of visiting with our team in the Livermore area. These benefits include:

  • Care for patients of all ages, from toddlers to grandparents
  • The use of the latest technology, tools, and techniques to ensure the best possible dental care in the community
  • Importance in routine dental visits to monitor for problems that may impact the health and function of the smile
  • We take all PPO plans to ensure that preventative and necessary dental care is affordable and within reach for those on the tightest of budgets
  • Working with patients to ensure they understand their oral health and how they can maintain healthy gums and teeth for years

Our team is here to provide general, tooth replacement, and restorative dentistry to help patients achieve and maintain the smile they’ve always wanted!

How do I learn more about preventative dental care?

Dr. Kimberly King and her team at Kitty Hawk Dental Care are available to provide a wide selection of services for the entire household! Call (925) 371-8880 to request an appointment with our team at 53 Wright Brothers Avenue, Suite C. We are open to new and existing patients in Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton or surrounding cities.Pleasanton and East PleasDublin.